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Fuck fuck fuck. I’m such a bad friend. A horrible friend. I didn’t even know anything was wrong until it was too late. I should have asked… I should have known… I’ve been around for 6 years yet I’m too fucking stupid. Yeah I mean you didn’t tell me anything was wrong at all, but I should have known. And when you needed someone, it wasn’t me. I wasn’t even an option. Am I such a bad person that you can’t even tell me what’s wrong. I get she’s your girlfriend and this is her job to cuddle you and comfort you late at night, but damn I’m your best friend Id wake up at any hour to help you… But now I know I’m virtually useless. So there’s that. Sorry for rambling…

"Negativity is feeling. Positivity is willpower."
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"I want us to make each other better."
- someone you should probably hold on to (via braided-funk)


The entrance to Disneyland in 1965, when parking was only $0.25. You can just make out the Matterhorn underneath the “A”

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"Don’t kiss me if you’re afraid of thunder. My life is a storm."
- Anita Krizzan  (via perfect)

1. Contrary to popular belief, waking up early isn’t going to drastically alter your life or effect how you’re feeling. So sleep till noon and relish in the way laying in bed all day makes you feel a little more human.

2. Drinking your coffee ‘black’ doesn’t make you cooler or more sophisticated than the rest of us who load in milk and sugar.

3. Being unimpressed by everything makes you look like a twat. Get excited, be overly passionate about something. Enthusiasm is fun.

4. Hating yourself isn’t romantic.

5. Eat whatever you want. your friend’s a vegan? Awesome. Listen to her talk about how great she feels because of it while you tuck in to some chocolate cake. Tell her you feel just as great.

- More Reminders- Charlotte Geier  (via bl-ossomed)
"Sometimes i think its my fault for being in this position. For letting people treat me the way that they did."
- Lovelytrainwreck (via lovelytrainwreck)